ECA listed products from Invertek Drives Ltd

Technology Sub Technology Manufacturer Product Name
Model Number

Motors and Drives Variable Speed Drives Invertek Drives Ltd

Optidrive E10 ODE-2-12150-1KB12

Optidrive E11 ODE-2-12075-1KB1S

Optidrive E12 ODE-2-12075-1KB1N

Optidrive E13 ODE-2-12075-1KB12

Optidrive E14 ODE-2-12037-1KB1S

Optidrive E15 ODE-2-12037-1KB1N

Optidrive E16 ODE-2-12037-1KB12

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24220-3KA42

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34110-3KA4N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34110-3KA42

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34075-3KA4S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34075-3KA42

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34055-3KA4S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34055-3KA4N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34055-3KA42

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24400-3KA4S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24400-3KA4N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24400-3KA42

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34110-3KA4S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24220-3KA4N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-34075-3KA4N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24150-3KA4S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24150-3KA4N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24150-3KA42

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-14150-3KA1S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-14150-3KA1N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-14150-3KA12

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-14075-3KA1S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-14075-3KA1N

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-14075-3KA12

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-22220-1KB4S

Optidrive E2 ODE-2-24220-3KA4S

Optidrive E3 ODE-2-22220-1KB4N

Optidrive E4 ODE-2-22220-1KB42

Optidrive E5 ODE-2-22150-1KB4S

Optidrive E6 ODE-2-22150-1KB4N

Optidrive E7 ODE-2-22150-1KB42

Optidrive E8 ODE-2-12150-1KB1S

Optidrive E9 ODE-2-12150-1KB1N

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22220-1KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24400-3KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24220-3KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24150-3KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24075-3KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34055-3KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34075-3KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34110-3KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24075-3KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22150-1KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-74160-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24075-3KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24150-3KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24220-3KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34055-3KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34055-3KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34075-3KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22075-1KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22150-1KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22220-1KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22075-1KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44220-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22075-1KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22150-1KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22220-1KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24075-3KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24150-3KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24220-3KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24400-3KF12-SN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44110-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64110-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44185-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-74132-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-54300-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-54370-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-54450-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64055-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64075-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-84250-3KF14-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-84200-3KF14-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34075-3KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44150-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22075-1KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44185-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44150-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44110-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34075-3KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24150-3KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24400-3KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24400-3KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24150-3KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24075-3KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-44220-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22150-1KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34055-3KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64090-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34075-3KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34055-3KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24400-3KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24220-3KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24150-3KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24075-3KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22075-1KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34110-3KF12-SC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22220-1KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22150-1KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24220-3KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24400-3KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34055-3KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-24220-3KF1D-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22075-1KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-54300-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22220-1KF1D-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22220-1KF1X-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-84250-3KF14-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64090-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-34075-3KF1X-TC

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-22150-1KF1X-TN

ECA listed products from Invertek Drives Ltd

Technology Sub Technology Manufacturer Product Name
Model Number

Motors and Drives Variable Speed Drives Invertek Drives Ltd

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-54450-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64075-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-54370-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64110-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-74132-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-74160-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-84200-3KF14-TN

Optidrive HVAC ODV-2-64055-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44220-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44220-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54300-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54300-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54300-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54300-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54370-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44220-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF1N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF1N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF1N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64055-3KF1N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF1N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF1N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF1N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF1N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22075-1KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74160-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74132-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF1N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF1N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF1N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF1N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-74110-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64075-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64090-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34110-3KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24150-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24150-3KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24150-3KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24220-3KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24220-3KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24400-3KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24400-3KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24075-3KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34075-3KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22220-1KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34110-3KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24075-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24075-3KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24075-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24075-3KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24150-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24150-3KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34055-3KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22075-1KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22075-1KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22075-1KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22150-1KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22150-1KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22220-1KF42

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22220-1KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22075-1KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24075-3KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22075-1KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34075-3KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22150-1KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22150-1KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22150-1KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22150-1KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22220-1KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22220-1KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-22220-1KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34055-3KF42-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44110-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44110-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44150-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44150-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44150-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44150-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44185-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44110-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44185-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44185-3KF4N-TN

ECA listed products from Invertek Drives Ltd

Technology Sub Technology Manufacturer Product Name
Model Number

Motors and Drives Variable Speed Drives Invertek Drives Ltd

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44220-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54370-3KF4N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54370-3KF4N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-54370-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF1N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF1N-TN

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF1N-TC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-64045-3KF1N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24150-3KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24400-3KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44185-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-44110-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24220-3KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24220-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24220-3KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24400-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24400-3KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24400-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-24220-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34055-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34055-3KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34055-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34055-3KF4S-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34075-3KF4N

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34075-3KF4S

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34075-3KF4N-SC

Optidrive P2 ODP-2-34075-3KF4S-SC

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-42150-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-34055-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-34075-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-34110-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-44370-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-34150-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-32040-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-42110-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-32030-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12037-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12037-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-42185-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-44185-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-44220-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24150-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24150-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-42075-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24400-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-44300-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24400-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-52300-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24400-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-52220-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-44450-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-32055-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24220-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12037-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24220-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24075-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24075-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12075-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24075-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-22220-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24150-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-24220-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-62090-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-64160-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-64132-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-22220-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12075-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-62075-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-22150-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-62055-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-54900-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-22150-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-22150-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-64110-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-22220-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-54750-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12150-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12150-IN-I55

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12075-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-52370-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-52450-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-54450-IN

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-12150-IN-I55S

Optidrive Plus 3GV ODP-54550-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-42075-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-32055-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-34110-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-34075-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-34055-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-34150-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-32040-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-32030-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-24400-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-24150-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-42110-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-44220-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-24220-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-44300-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-52450-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-52370-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-52300-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-44450-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-42220-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-44370-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-42150-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-22150-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-22220-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-64132-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-64110-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-54900-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-54750-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-54550-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-64160-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-42185-IN

Optidrive VTC ODV-44185-IN